Public Cloud connectivity done wrong

If your idea for interconnection and migration to the private cloud involves using NSX and L2VPN so that you can “stretch the vlan” between your NSX private farm and the one into the Cloud you are doing it wrong. No matter if you are using VXLAN as a transport or any other technology, if your … Continue reading

Scaling EVPN Multi-Site Overlays using Route-Servers

Cisco’s EVPN Multi-Site it’s a great technology that allows us to achieve massive scale of an EVPN network. With the latest release, the official scalability numbers give us something in the realm of over 12000 VTEPs (512 VTEPs per site x 25 sites).I’m in no way suggesting that you would need such a big topology … Continue reading

SONiC and White Box switches in the Enterprise DC! – Part 1

In recent years two buzz words began to arise: open-networking and white box switches. Those two words go often hand-in-hand with each other. They are often promoted by big names like Facebook or Microsoft.From the software side, SONiC is maybe the biggest player out there as it powers Microsoft Azure’s cloud, while from the hardware … Continue reading

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